As airlines take off to meet the increasing challenges of a competitive skyscape, they know that they not only need to innovate relentlessly, but also stay efficient and dynamic in order to land smoothly at their dream destination.

Customers today, not only demand best-in-class service at the lowest costs, but are constantly looking for the next big what. Getting a fair share of their mind space has therefore become tougher than ever.

Our solution helps airlines control costs and improve business processes by innovatively applying technology. With a razor sharp focus on operational excellence, we help you get quicker returns on your IT investment by providing solutions across diverse areas such as financial accounting and Route Contribution Analysis, Procurement and non-aircraft inventory management, SIS compliance, Simplified revenue accounting and more.

With over 8 Airlines as our customers and with consultants who have been part of nearly 15 airline engagements, Innive carries a strong domain knowledge and proven credentials. The niche solutions we have delivered to our customers in the areas of simplified revenue accounting (for ticketless carriers), SIS solution for miscellaneous billing, Route cost accrual mechanism and an end-to-end customer experience management speak for us.


  • Integrated back-office solutions
    • Financial Accounting
    • Procurement Management including advanced procurement and online tendering
    • Human Capital Management
    • Cloud based Recruitment Solution
  • Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) Solution for Miscellaneous Billing
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Simplified Revenue Accounting & Integration with Financial accounting
  • Comprehensive Customer Experience Management solution delivery covering Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.