“People, Processes & Technology” are the buzzwords for business success and that is what the experts say all along for a long time. The fact is, you just can’t have success in one without an integrated success in all three.

Technology is critically important, but it is not the be all. At Innive, our DNA is in BI, Analytics and Data Science, but our focus is on the WHOLE: how to solve your business challenges, empower your people, get all stakeholders on board with the solution, and ensure that your technology investments are aligned to your ultimate business goals.

How do we achieve this? We offer deep expertise not only in our bread and butter offerings in BI, Analytics and Data Science, but in rapidly improving business processes, eliminating waste, and fostering synergies and empowering your people. We achieve these people and process results through our home grown lean methodology and our unique approach. Business Process Management elements are not very far from what Innive’s primary focus has been for years. Infact BPM is a natural progression most of the times post the findings of a BI and Analytics results.

We understand the inherent problems of functional silos: they make business processes bulky, congested and chaotic. It is a different challenge to move from function-focused processes to an integrated service delivery model without changing how you work completely.

The question is: where to start? And Innive’s BPM consulting practice in the BPM services is one of the important aspects of the entire BPM strategy which could be

BPM Consulting Services

  • BPM awareness workshop
  • BPM Fitment Analysis
  • BPM Business Case and Evaluation
  • BPM/BRM Engagement Roadmap
  • Business Process Analysis/Harmonization/Prioritization
  • Business Rules Harvesting /Extraction and Consolidation

Technical Advisory Services

  • Performance engineering modules
  • BPM Infrastructure Assessment